Seasonal & Event lesson ideas

These are the ideas for seasonal and event lessons! 

Be creative! Have fun with making lesson plan!


<Seasonal lessons>

- Spring - 'Let's go to the flower field'   Click here

- Early summer - 'Let' go mountain climbing' Click here


- Rainy Season - 'Let's walk in the rain'  Click here


- Summer - 'Let's go to the Beach'  Click here


- Fall - 'Let's go to the moon'  Click here


- Winter - 'Let's go to the North Pole'   Click here


<All Seasons>

- 'Let's go to Old Macdonald's Farm'  Click here

- 'Let's go to Sweets Wonderland'  Click here

<Event lessons>

- Easter           Click here

- Halloween   Click here

- Christmas    Click here

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Spring  - 'Let's go to the flower field'

1. Place     

Flower field, Spring festival, Go on a picnic

2. Transportation  

by bus, bicycle, train, walk 

3. Break time  

Let's eat a Sandwich, Banana, Sushi roll

4. What can you see?

Flower,Butterfly, Bumble bee,Tree,Bird,Caterpillar,Grass Hopper 

Check also Spring Easter Yoga

Early summer  - 'Let's go mountain climbing'

1. Place     


2. Transportation  

by bicycle, walk 

3. Break time  

Let's eat a Sandwich, Banana, Sushi roll

4. What can you see?

Tree, Bear, Monkey, Bee, Squirrel, Eagle, Baby Cobra, Flower, Lizard

5. Song

The bear went over the mountain

Rainy Season - 'Let's walk in the rain'

1. Place     

Walk in the rain

2. Transportation  

Let's walk. 

3. What can you see?

Umbrella, Frog, Snail, Hydrangea, Rainbow

Puddle - There is a puddle. Let's jump!

5. Song

Rain,rain,go away

Summer - 'Let's go to the Beach'

1. Place     


2. Transportation  

By bus (to the Beach), Boat, go surfing, snorkeling  

3. Break time

Ice cream

4.What can you see?

Sea animals

5. Song 

- A sailor went to sea  Click here

6. Song and Yoga Game

- Row row row your boat

No Dropping Game  Click here

Fall - 'Let's go to the Moon'​

1. Place     

Go to the Moon

2. Transportation  

By rocket, Space shuttle 

3. What can you see?

Space animals, Alien, Planets, Asteroid, Comet, Satellite,

Space station

4. Song

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom We're going to the Moon

Easter - 'Spring Easter Yoga lesson

Let's be the Easter bunny!  and explore a spring field.

1. Place     

Spring fields

2. Transportation  

by hopping

3. Break time  


4. What can you see?

Egg,Bunny, Flower,Butterfly, Bumble bee,Tree,Bird,Caterpillar,Grass Hopper 

5. Song

Humpty Dumpty

Be an egg pose (Lie on your back, hug your knees),Singing a song moving from side to side. 

Bunny Hokey Pokey

6. Activity

Balancing Game - Prepare spoons and plastic Easter eggs for each student. Make a line side by side, walk with the egg on the spoon.

Egg Sticker Decoration - Put small stickers on plastic Easter eggs. Kids like to put stickers! 


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