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Seasonal & Event lesson ideas

These are the ideas for seasonal and event lessons! 
Be creative! Have fun with making lesson plan!

<Seasonal lessons>
- Spring 
'Easter Yoga'       
Click here

- Early summer - 'Let' go mountain climbing' Click here

 - Rainy Season - 'Let's walk in the rain'  Click here
- Summer
' Under the SEA' 
Click here
'Summer Beach Yoga' Click here

- Autumn 
'Autumn Yoga'   
Click here
'Halloween Yoga'   Click here

- Winter 
'Let's go to the North Pole'   Click here
'Christmas Yoga'   Click here
<All Seasons>
- 'Let's go to Old Macdonald's Farm'  Click here
- 'Let's go to Sweets Wonderland'  Click here
-'Egypt Yoga'  
Click here
- 'Dinosaur Yoga' Click here
- 'Ninja Yoga' Click here
- 'Safari Yoga' Click here
- 'Jungle Yoga' Click here

<Traveling around the world>

-'Egypt Yoga'  Click here
- 'Australia Yoga' 
 Click here
- 'America Yoga' Click here

- Our kids yoga book, 'Sora and Ryan's Yoga Adventure in Singapore'  Click here  

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