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Ninja Yoga


Here are some ideas for 'Ninja Yoga' lesson!
Be creative! Have fun with making lesson plan! We're adding new resources!! Check our instagram!!

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★Lesson title★
Ninja Yoga - Let's take Ninja Training!

1. Yoga Poses and references


Are you ready to be a Ninja?

【Ninja Sitting Pose】
1. Stand straight with your feet hip width apart.
2. Bend your knees. Put your right(left) knee on the ground.
3. Straighten your back.
4. Make ‘Sword Ninja Mudra’ in front of your chest.

【Sword Ninja Mudra】
1. Make scissors with your hands.
2. Put your index and middle fingers together.
3. Put your right hand under your left hand.


Do you know ‘Ninja’?

‘Ninja’ is a person who gathers information about enemies for the person’s master. They were alive in old times of Japan.

They took physical and mental trainings and acquired a wide range of knowledge.

They protected themselves and escaped from danger rather than fighting enemies.


★Ninja training Day1 ★

Ninjas need physical training to strengthen their body everyday.

【Kicking Pose】
1. Stand straight with your knees bent slightly.
2. Put your hands in front of your chest.
3. Lift your right(left) thigh.
4. Kick with your lower leg.



★Ninja training Day2 ★

- Crossing a pond or river with a Ninja tool, called ‘Water Spider’ board.

A Water Spider board is made of wood. It has a round shape.

Put your foot on it.

Float on the water.

【Water Spider Pose】
1. Stand with your feet wide apart.
2. Interlock your fingers above your head.


What is 'Water Spider'?

They were used for crossing a pond or river.

Although they were considered to be used like this picture until recently, Ninja could not float well on the water. They were actually used by sitting on the middle of the board and paddle.


★Ninja training Day3★

- Acquiring water escaping skills

Let’s dive into the water and escape from an enemy. Breathe with a bamboo snorkel.

【Ninja Swimming Pose】
1. Get down on your hands and knees.
2. Raise your left(right) leg parallel to the floor.
3.Imagine that you’re breathing with a bamboo snorkel.


★Ninja training Day4★

- Acquiring the skill flying from high places

A Ninja jumps from high places to escape from an enemy.

To avoid injury when landing, they hold their jacket over their body.

It’s called ‘Flying squirrel technique’.

【Flying Ninja Pose】
1. Stand straight.
2. Raise your left(right) thigh.
3. Raise your hands.



★Ninja training Day5★

- Improving the sense of smell

It is said that Ninja used incense to make their mind calm.

【Incense Breathing】
1.Prepare a stick of incense. (If you don’t have it, you can imagine. )
2.Breathe in and smell it, then breathe out. Repeat.


★Ninja training Day6★

- Improving flexibility

Ninjas need to be flexible to deal with these situations below.

Situation 1
When they fight with an enemy, they have to avoid their attack.

Situation 2
When they get into target’s house to get information, they hide in a narrow space.

【Looking Back Pose】
1. Keel down with your knees hip width apart.
2.Support your back or waist with hands.
3.Look back slowly.


★Ninja training Day7★

- throwing ‘Shuriken’

Do you know ‘Shuriken’?
‘Shuriken’ is a small throwing blade to injure enemies. There are many kinds of shapes. Manji (4-sided), Star shaped, many sided ones. It’s also called ‘Ninja Star’.

You can use a shuriken made by Origami when you practice throwing a shuriken.

Search ‘how to make a shuriken, origami’ on YouTube.

【Shuriken Pose】
1.Lie on your back with your feet together.
2.Raise your right(left) leg. Twist to the left(right) side. Look at the right(left) side.
3.Bend your both knees.



Let’s learn how to throw a Shuriken!

The picture was taken when my daughter took Ninja Training for Kids last year.

She practiced how to throw a shuriken.

Step your leg forward widely. Hold a shuriken in you right hand. Throw like a dart.

Or you can throw a shuriken like a boomerang.

You can practice with Shuriken made my Origami.

Have fun!!


 ★Ninja training Day8★

- Being ready to fight

An enemy is chasing us.

Are your ready to fight?

【Ready to fight Pose】
1.Stand with your feet wide apart. Stretch your arms to the side.
2.Bend forward. Your back is parallel to the floor.
3.Bend your left(right) knee.
4. Put your left(right) upper arm on your left(right) thigh. Put your right(left) arm upward.
5. Look forward.



 ★Ninja training Day9★

- Meditation

It is said that Ninjas meditated to improve their mental concentration.

They prayed for the success of the mission.

Meditation made their mind calm and they overcame the fear.

【Mindfulness Meditation】
1. Sit comfortably with your legs crossed.
2. Make ‘Power Ninja Mudra’ in front of your chest.
3. Breathe in from your nose, breathe out from your mouth. Breathe naturally.

【Power Ninja Mudra】
1. Cross the middle fingers, the forth fingers and the little fingers inward.
2. Put the index fingers together.

- Being ready to fight


2.Mindfulness Activities


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