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 KIDS YOGA Teacher Training Online Course


Let's learn KIDS YOGA together!  We're sharing our methods for FREE!  

You can choose the courses.
- FREE Course  After you complete this course, you can teach kids yoga by your own responsibility. We don't take any responsibilities and questions. You don't get a certification.

-Certification Course 
You can get a certification. You need a
REGISTRATION FEE. Please check this page. Click here 
※Certification Course is unavailable right now. Sorry for incovinience. 

<How to take>
You can start anytime from syllabus 1.  You don't have to register for FREE course. This is totally new style of learning. Just check the motion videos and resources, you can proceed with your learning. There is no live lesson. We don't accept any question and answer by students who are taking FREE course. 
<About this course>
This course is designed for teaching Parent-child lesson (Kids age from 18 months to 3 years old) and Kids lesson (from 4 to 6 years old). 

We're adding new resources. Don't miss it!
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<Youtube Channel>
We're introducing Kids Yoga Activity! Check it! 
<Our kids yoga book>
We published  'Sora and Ryan's Yoga Adventure in Singapore'. You can get our book worldwide in Amazon, Book Depository, at bookshops in Singapore, etc.  Click here


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Sora and Ryan Yoga Adventure Cove (low-r


1. How to get children's attention  Click here

- Taking notes worksheet

2. Benefits of KIDS YOGA              Click here

3. How to make Kids Yoga Lesson    Click here

- Taking notes worksheet

4. How to make Yoga Adventure activity   Click here

- Taking notes worksheet

5. The flow of Yoga Adventure           Click here

6. Yoga Theory        Click here

7. Sun Salutation for kids  Click here

8. Songs for Yoga exercises, for Opening, Warm-up, Closing the lesson etc.     Click here

9. Kids Yoga Pose Dictionary   Click here

10. Pranayama for Kids - Breathing Practice  Click here

11. Partner Yoga  Click here

12. Storytelling Yoga  Click here

13. Picture Books and Cards  Click here

14. Yoga Games   Click here

15. Mindfulness Activities - Coloring, Breathing and Drawing Click here

16. Yoga Adventure Sample videos  Click here

17. Seasonal & Event lesson ideas   Click here

18. Let's make Yoga Adventure!   Click here

19. Let's make a lesson plan!   Click here

20. Let's make a curriculum!   Click here

21. Let's practice the lesson!

22. Record the lesson (Yoga adventure) by yourself and submit it to us. ★For Certification Course. Need to apply.  Click here

23. Let's open your kids yoga class!  Click here

24. KIDS YOGA Community - lesson ideas  Click here

25. English for teaching Yoga - For Non-native speakers  Click here

26. Anatomy words for Yoga  Click here

27. Baby Yoga ideas for Parent-child lesson Click here



1. How to get children's attention


2. Benefits of KIDS YOGA


3. How to make Kids Yoga lesson


4. How to make Yoga Adventure activity


5. The flow of Yoga Adventure


Our kids yoga videos on Youtube

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