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Halloween Yoga

Lesson ideas

yoga|ヨガ| kidsyoga| kidsyogabook|Singapore|halloween

Here are some ideas for Halloween Yoga lesson!
Be creative! Have fun with making lesson plan!

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★Lesson title★

'Trick or Treat! Happy Halloween Yoga'

Let's go to the 'Ghost Land'!


1. Place     

Ghost Land


2. Transportation  

by walk 


3. What can you see?

Pumpkin(Jack-O-Lantern), Ghost, Spider, Bats, Witch, Spider, Mummy, Haunted house



4. Yoga Poses 


It’s Halloween today!
Let’s explore the Ghost land!

It’s spooky in here…
Something black is flying!

It’s a bat.

【Flying bat pose】 
1.Sit with your knees bent.
2.Hold your feet.
3.Open your legs in the air.
4.Move your legs if possible.

Ride on a broom like a witch!!

kids yoga | kids yoga book| Singapore | Yoga

kids yoga | kids yoga book| Singapore | Yoga

kids yoga | kids yoga book| Singapore | Yoga

kids yoga | kids yoga book| Singapore | Yoga


Many bats are hanging on the tree branch.

They’re resting.

They wrap their body with their wings.

【Hanging bat pose】 
1.Lie down with your legs extended on the wall.
2.Cross your arms and hold your thighs.


A small bat is flying.

It’s a baby bat. So cute.

【Baby bat pose】 
1. Stand with your feet together.
2. Make bat's wings with your arms.
3. Pretend to fly like a bat. Move your arms.

Put the sole of your left/right foot against the inside of your left/right thigh. Balance on one leg.


Let’s go inside the haunted house!

【Haunted house pose】 
1. Lie on your stomach.
2. Place your palms down near your chest.
3. Extend your arms and lift your chest and head up.



A black cat is meowing. 

【Cat Pose】
1.Get down on your hands and knees.
2. Look up. Stretch your back. Cats are looking at the sky. Say Meow.
3. Look down. Round your back. Meow.
4. Cats are scratching the floor!
5. Cats are grooming.
6. Cats are pouncing on the fly.
7. Cats are rolling around on their back.


What’s that??
The skeletons are dancing.

What a spooky place!

【Skeleton Pose】
1.Stand straight.
2.Stretch your arms to the side.
3.Bend your elbows.
4.Lift your right (left) thigh. Balance on one leg.

The Skeleton Dance
by Super Single Songs


That pumpkin has a scary face!!!

It’s called ‘Jack- o’-lantern’.

I’d like to make it!!
Let’s carve a pumpkin!!

【Pumpkin Pose】
1.Sit with your legs crossed.
2.Make a circle with your hands above your head.
3.Move side to side.

【Rolling version】
1. Sit with your knees bent.
2. Hug your knees.
3. Roll with your back. Back and forth.

This is the way we carve a pumpkin
by Super Single Songs



In the grave, there was a coffin.. 

【Coffin Pose】
1. Sit down with your knees bent.
2. Put your feet hip width apart.
3. Place your hands behind, shoulder width apart. Your wrists turn outward.
3. Slowly lift your bottom.



The coffin opened spontaneously.. Then, a mummy appeared!! And chased you! 

【Mummy Pose】
1. Stand straight.
2. Raise your arms parallel to the floor.
3. Raise one leg. Balance on the other leg.
4. Walk like a mummy.


There is witch’s hat !

She must have dropped the hat when she were flying!!

【Witch Hat Pose】
1.Kneel down.
2.Extend your left(right) leg to the side.
3.Put your hands together above your head.
4. Lean to the left (right) side.



Let’s ride on a broom like a witch!!

【Witch Pose】
1. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.
2. Bend your knees.
3. Put your bottom out.
4. Stretch your back.
5. Pretend to fly with a broom.


Let’s blow out the candle! 

【Candle Breath】
1. Breathe in from your nose.
2. Breathe out from your mouth. Imagine that you’re blowing out a candle.
3. Repeat several times.



Let’s make your own original Halloween yoga poses!
It’s your homework!

- Spider & Web 
- Ghost 
- Werewolf
- Vampire 
- Frankenstein



5. Picture cards 

yoga|ヨガ| kidsyoga| kidsyogabook|Singapore|halloween

【Satoko's recommendation 】

You can download these cards for FREE on Gift of Curiosity website Click here

- Roll like a pumpkin.
- Glide like a ghost.
- Pounce like a cat.
- Crawl like a spider.
- Fly like a bat.
- Walk like a mummy.

6. Activity 

yoga|ヨガ| kidsyoga| kidsyogabook|Singapore|halloween

【Describe a Pumpkin using 5 senses】
Are you ready to control 5 senses?

- Sense of Sight
- Sense of Smell
- Sense of Hearing
- Sense of Taste
- Sense of Touch

In Yoga philosophy, controlling 5 senses is called ‘Pratyahata’.

You can download these cards for FREE on Gift of Curiosity website Click here

yoga|ヨガ| kidsyoga| kidsyogabook|Singapore|halloween

Let’s build a Jack o’ Lantern!!

I bought and downloaded this ‘Mr. Pumpkin Head Game’ printable on Etsy online shop.

You can also download similar ones for free by searching ‘Build a Jack o’ lantern’ on internet.

Kids will absolutely enjoy this activity!

7. Songs
The Eensy Weensy Spider
Click here
- Finger Play tutorial
Click here
The Skeleton Dance
Click here
Knock,Knock, Trick or Treat?
Click here
Five Little Monsters
Click here

yoga|ヨガ| kidsyoga| kidsyogabook|Singapore|halloween

Let’s learn a skeleton!!

I downloaded these worksheets on internet.

You can find by searching ‘skeleton worksheets kids’.

I hope kids will be interested in our body through these kind of activities!


kids yoga | kids yoga book| Singapore | Yoga

8.Mindfulness Activities


We made an original Halloween Mindfulness coloring sheet!

You can download PDF for FREE! Enjoy coloring with kids!

Go to download page ↓↓

 Click here

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