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Dinosaur Yoga


Here are some ideas for 'Dinosaur Yoga' lesson!
Be creative! Have fun with making lesson plan! We're adding new resources!! Check our instagram!!

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★Lesson title★
Dinosaur Yoga

1. Yoga Poses 


Let’s go back to the Dinosaur era!
Get on board a time machine,
3,2,1,.. Blast off! 

It’s really warm in here.
We arrived at the Dinosaur era!
What can you see?

Wow, there is a dinosaur that has 3 horns!
It’s a triceratops!

【Triceratops pose】
1. Kneel down.
2. Sit on your heels.
3. Interlock fingers behind your back.
4. Put your head on the ground.



Look! There are flying dinosaurs!

They’re pteranodons!

They have wide wings.

The wingspan is over 7 meters.

【Pteranodon pose】
1. Stand straight.
2. Put the sole of your left(right) foot against the inside of your right(left) thigh.
3.Make wings with your arms.



There are many trees here. They look like palm trees. 

These are cycads.

Cycads appeared before the age of dinosaurs, and survived until today.

【Cycad pose】
1. Kneel down.
2. Put your knees hip width apart.
3. Support your waist with your hands.
4. Stretch your neck and look back slowly.



In the ocean, something that has a long neck is swimming!

That’s a plesiosaurus.

It’s a marine reptile.
(Reptiles include snakes, lizards, crocodiles, turtles and dinosaurs.)

The length of plesiosaurus is from between 1.5m to 15m!

【Plesiosaurus pose】
1. Lie on your stomach.
2. Put your lower arms on the mat.
3. Look forward.



Stomp! Stomp!

What’s that sound?

A tyrannosaurus, called T-Rex is coming!


Run away 〜!

【Tyrannosaurus pose】
1.Stand straight.
2.Step your right (left) foot front widely.
3.Bend your right (left) knee.
4.Make claws with your fingers.
5.Say ‘Roar!!’.



There are colorful dinosaur’s eggs!

Look! A baby dinosaur hatched! So cute!

【Dinosaur egg pose】
1. Lie on your back.
2. Bend your knees.
3. Hug your knees to the chest.
4. Squeeze.
5. Roll your back.
6. Come up. A baby dinosaur hatched!



Wow, that dinosaur is very tall and has a long neck.

That is a brachiosaurus. 

They eat trees, cycads and ginkgoes.

【Brachiosaurus pose】
1. Stand straight.
2. Interlock your fingers.
3. Bend forward deeply.
4. Come up and put your hands up high.
5. Walk. Your upper body is a long neck.



The volcano erupted! 

Lava is flowing! And volcanic ash and rocks are shooting out.


【Volcano pose】
1.Stand with your feet wide width apart.
2.Bend forward. Your upper body is parallel to the floor.
3.Place your left(right) hand on the floor. Look right(left) side.
4.Raise your right(left) hand to the ceiling.


That dinosaur looks really strong!

It has a spiky armor on its back and a club at the end of its tail.

It’s an Ankylosaurus!

【Ankylosaurus pose】
1. Sit down with your feet apart.
2. Put your hands underneath your legs.
3. Bend forward deeply. Breathe out.

5. Song


Dinosaurs became extinct 66 million years ago.

A huge meteorite hit the earth.

Today, we can see dinosaur fossils at museums .

【Dinosaur fossils pose】
1. Kneel down with your knees apart.
2. Put your bottom on the ground.
3. Slowly lower your upper body.
4. Stretch your arms above your head.




Let’s make your own original Dinosaur yoga poses!

Have fun!!

- Stegosaurus pose

- Spinosaurus pose

- Archaeopteryx pose

-Ammonite pose


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