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Mountain Yoga

Mountain Yoga| Kids Yoga | Kids Yoga Book | Singapore

Here are some ideas for 'Mountain Yoga' lesson!
Be creative! Have fun with making lesson plan! We're adding new resources!! Check our instagram!!

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★Lesson title★
Mountain Yoga

1. References of Yoga Pose 


Let’s go mountain hiking today!

Prepare your backpack, hiking shoes and hat.

We arrived at the trailhead.

Walking,, walking,,

Look! There is a squirrel on the branch.

So cute! The squirrel is eating an acorn!

Wow! it jumped to the other branch. Squirrels can jump. I didn’t know that!

【Squirrel pose】
1. Stand straight.
2. Bend your knees deeply.
3. Put your hands near your mouth.
4. Jump if possible.



Many ferns are growing here.

Let’s be a fern leaf♪

【Fern leaf pose】
1. Stand straight.
2. Put your palms together above your head.
3. Lean to the right (left) side.



Look! There is a colorful mushroom! 
So cute!

Don’t pick up. The mushroom might be poisonous.

【Mushroom pose】
1. Kneel down.
2. Make some space between your knees.
3. Make mushroom cap with your arms above your head.



What’s that? Something is on a tree trunk.

It’s a rhinoceros beetle!

【Beetle pose】
1. Put your knees together on the ground.
2. Lower your bottom on your heels.
3. Interlock your fingers behind your back.
4. Put your head down on the ground.
5. Raise your arms.



Be quiet.
I can hear something.


A snake is making a hissing sound! 

【Snake pose】
1. Put your knees together on the ground.
2. Move your right(left) leg backward.
3. Lower your bottom.
4. Put your hands together in front of your head.
5. Make a hissing sound ‘ssssssh’ like a snake.


A small eagle is perching on a branch.

It must be a baby eagle!

Mother Eagle might be hunting now.

【 Baby Eagle pose】
1. Stand with your feet together.
2. Put your forearms together.
3. Bend your knees.
4. Bend forward from your hip slightly.


What’s that beautiful flower?

It’s a lily.

Let’s smell. Sniff, sniff..

It’s so fragrant!

【 Lily pose】
1. Sit with your knees bent.
2. Hold your hand under your legs.
3. Lift your feet.
4. Put your feet apart.




A bear is roaring.

Run away〜!

【 Bear pose】
1. Get down on your hands and knees.
2. Say ‘Roar’!!
3. Walk with your hands and knees.

The Bear Went Over The Mountain
By Baby TV


Look! Something is running fast!

It’s a lizard!!

【Lizard pose】
1. Stand straight.
2. Squat deeply.
3. Put your hands on the ground.
4. Put your left(right) foot back.


5. Song


What a steep mountain slope!

I can’t climb up.

Ok, let’s go this way.

【Mountain slope pose】
1. Get down on your hands and knees.
2. Lift your bottom.
3. Raise your right (left) leg upward.



Now it’s your turn!!

Let’s make your own original poses!

- Rock
- Raccoon
- Wild boar

Have fun making yoga poses!


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