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 KIDS YOGA Pose Dictionary

You can refer to these kids yoga poses! But you and kids can 'Create' your own pose as well! Poses don't have to be 'Correct'. 
Be Creative!
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Bear, Polar bear

Put your hands and feet down on the mat like Downward facing dog pose. Walk with hands and feet. Let's say 'Roar'!



Put your knees down on the mat. Support your back with your hands. Look back. 


Stand up. Open your legs widely, and interlock fingers. Swing your trunk, Pawoo! Stomp your feet!


Stand up and put your right foot inside thigh. Then, flap the wings!


Stand up. Interlock your fingers. Put your hands up. Your arms are the giraffe's long neck. Walk like a giraffe. Don't bend your knees.


Stand up and open your legs widely. Thump your chest. Thump, thump.


Stand up. Bend your knees. Put your bottoms out like Chair pose. Then, Jump! jump like a kangaroo!


Put your knees down on the mat. Let's say 'Roar'!


Stand up and open your legs widely. Let's say 'oh oh ah ah' and chatter.


Sit on your bottom. Put your soles together. Move side to side.


Lie down on your back. Raise your legs. Open your legs slowly. It's a peacock wing. It's really beautiful! Close your legs, and open again.


Let's make these poses by yourself!





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