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Christmas Yoga

Lesson ideas


Here are some ideas for Christmas Yoga lesson!
Be creative! Have fun with making lesson plan! 
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★Lesson title★

'Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas Yoga'​

Let's go to Santa Clause village! and meet Santa!

1. Place     

Santa Clause village 

2. Transportation  

Sleigh (with singing song) 

3.Yoga Poses 


Let’s bake gingerbread man cookies!

Put ingredients in a bowl, mix it, make a dough. Roll it out with a roller, cut out gingerbread man shapes with a cookie cutter. Bake them in an oven.


But where are gingerbread men??

They’re running away!!

【Running Gingerbread man】
1. Stand straight.
2. Raise right (left) leg backward and bend your knee. Balance on left (right) leg.
3. Bend your elbows and pretend you're running.

- Do you know the Gingerbread Man? ( The tune of 'Do you know the Muffin man?’)
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Elves are preparing presents for Christmas.

【Elf pose】

1. Stand straight.
2. Bend forward from your hips.
3. Stretch your arms forward.

-10 little elves 

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-Five Little Elves

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Let’s be Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer!!

【Reindeer pose】
1. Get down on your hands and knees.
2. Raise right(left) leg. If you can, raise left(right) arm parallel to the floor. Balance with your core.



Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

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Let’s ride on a sleigh singing ‘Jingle Bells’!!

【 Sleigh Pose】
1. Sit with your legs stretched.
2. Move with your bottom singing ‘Jingle Bells’


Jingle Bells 

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After singing Jingle Bells, let’s pose like Christmas bells!

【 Christmas bell pose】
1. Lie on your stomach.
2. Place you hands down near your chest.
3. Extend your arms and head up. Bend your knees.



What’s this?

This is a pinecone. It’s a wooden fruit of pine tree.

【 Pinecone pose】
1. Sit with your knees bent.
2. Cross your legs.
3. Hug your knees. Squeeze.



You know, Santa Claus is coming to our house from the chimney on Christmas Eve!

From the chimney!? I didn’t know that!

How does Santa Claus get out of our house? Climbing up the chimney!?

【Chimney Pose】
1. Kneel down.
2. Extend your left(right) leg to the side.
3. Raise your hands. Stretch.



Finally Santa has appeared!!


【 Santa claus pose】
1. Stand with your feet together.
2. Step your right (left) foot forward widely.
3. Pretend as if you were holding Santa’s present bag.
4. Say ‘HO HO HO’.



S-A-N-T-A by Super Simple Songs

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What’s your Christmas present from Santa? Open the present box.

Let me see..

It’s a Teddy bear !
I wanted it for a long time!

【Teddy Bear pose】
1.Sit with your feet out.
2.Stretch your arms widely.

【Teddy Bear Exercise】
The Teddy bear moves side to side.
The Teddy bear raises hands.
The Teddy bear puts hands on the ground.
The Teddy bear taps the ground. Tap, tap, tap.
The Teddy bear rotates neck.
The Teddy bear rotates shoulders.



What a beautiful Christmas tree !

Merry Christmas!

【Christmas tree pose】
1. Stand with your feet wide apart.
2. Put your hands together above your head.

We wish a merry Christmas by Super Simple Songs

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Let’s make your own original Christmas yoga poses!

Have fun!!

- Christmas Stocking
- Christmas Wreath
- Candy cane

- Snowman

4.Mindfulness Activities

We made original Christmas Mindfulness Coloring sheets!

You can download PDF for FREE! Enjoy coloring with kids!

Go to download page ↓↓

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