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North Pole Yoga

Lesson ideas


Here are some ideas for North Pole Yoga lesson!

Be creative! Have fun with making lesson plan! We're adding new resources!! Check our instagram!!

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★Lesson title★

'Let's go to the North Pole!'​

1. Place     

The North Pole, The Arctic Ocean

2. Transportation  

Ship, Walk

3. What can you see?

Polar Bear, Penguin, Fish, Seal, Polar Fox, Polar Rabbit, Reindeer, Northern lights, etc.

4. Yoga Poses


Do you know the North Pole?

It’s the northernmost point of the Earth in the Arctic Ocean.

There is floating ice in the Arctic Ocean.

Let’s explore the Arctic Ocean by a big ship!

【Boat Pose】
1. Sit with your legs stretched.
2. Bend your knees.
3. Put your feet up.
4. Put your arms parallel to the floor.
5. Balance with your core.


There are penguins there!

No, they aren’t penguins. Penguins live only in the southern part of the Earth.

They are puffins that are cousins of the penguin. But they can fly.

That’s why they look similar! 🐧

【Puffin pose】
1. Kneel down.
2. Make wings with your arms. Flap.
3. Walk with your knees.




A big whale is swimming!

The whale is blowing water!

Breathe in and out, Splaaaaaaash!!

【Whale pose】
1. Lie on your stomach.
2. Place your palms down near your chest.
3. Extend your arms and lift your chest and head up.
4. Bend your knees and put your heels together like a whale tale.
5. Breathe in and out as if a whale is blowing water.


What’s that? There is a snow house!!

It’s called Igloo. An igloo is a shelter used by people who live near the Arctic Ocean during hunting.

【Igloo pose】
1. Sit with your legs stretched.
2. Raise your hands and make your spine straight.
3. Bend forward. Touch your toes.



Do you know ‘clione’?

It’s a really small creature living in the Arctic Ocean. It’s called ‘Sea Angel’.

Let’s be a Sea Angel!!

Sea Angels can swim like a butterfly.

They swim right and left, up and down with their flippers.

【 Sea Angel pose】 
1. Stand straight.
2. Put the sole of your right(left) foot against the inside of your left(right) thigh.
3. Make Sea Angel’s flippers with your arms. Swim like a Sea Angel.

Look! It started snowing!

What is snow made of?

Snow is made of tiny ice crystals, snowflakes.❄️

A snowflake is a 6 pointed (hexagon) snow crystal.

​​【Snowflake pose】
1. Stand straight.
2. Raise your arms parallel to the floor.
3. Raise your left(right) leg to the side.
4. Lean your body and balance.

Little Snowflake
Super Simple Songs
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What can you see?

Something is lying down on the ice!

Wow, it’s a baby seal!! Sooooo cute!!

【Baby Seal Pose】
1. Get down on your hands and knees.
2. Your lower legs are baby seal’s tail. Move from side to side.


A mother seal is coming! She is barking! ‘Bark, bark’.

【Mother Seal Pose】
1. Lie on your stomach.
2. Place your palms down near your chest.
3. Extend your arms and lift your chest and head up.

5. Song


Look! A polar bear is coming!
The polar bear is called the King of the Arctic. They eat fish and seals!

【Polar bear Pose 】
1. Get down on your hands and knees.
2. Lift your bottom upward.
3. Walk with your hands and feet.
4. Say, ‘Roar!!!!’.


Let’s make your own original North Pole yoga poses! Be creative! Have fun!

- Walrus
- Polar fox
- Polar rabbit

- Orca
-Northern light

5. Song


How about singing ‘Let’s go to the North Pole!’ song?
We sing with the tune of, ‘The bear went over the mountain’. 

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Sing this lyrics!
Let’s go to the North Pole × 3
To see what we could see.
To see what we could see. × 2
The other side of the iceberg × 3
Was all that we could see.

In a kids yoga lesson, Singing song is a really effective way of attracting kids. And it’s really fun. If there is no good song for the lesson theme or poses, you can make it with the tune of famous songs. Try it!

6. Picture Book


Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?
By Eric Carle, Bill Martin Jr

We can use this book in North Pole Yoga lesson. The polar animals, a polar bear and a walrus are in the book.

<Book theme>
Learning animal names and the verbs of the sounds.

<Animals in the book>
Polar Bear,Lion,Hippopotamus,Flamingo Waruls etc..

<What can children learn?>
Roaring,Snorting,fluting,braying etc..

<How to use>
Read one spread,then pose like the animals, make the animal sound.

You can read with the tune of 'Twinkle twinkle little star.
Example(the first pread):
Polar Bear Polar Bear, what do you hear?
I hear a lion roaring in my ear.


7.Mindfulness Activities

We made an original North Pole Mindfulness coloring sheet!

You can download PDF for FREE! Enjoy coloring with kids!

Go to download page ↓↓

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8. Yoga Cards

We made original North Pole Yoga Cards!

You can download printable PDF for FREE! Cut and Laminate it.

Go to download page ↓↓

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