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Songs for

Kids Yoga Exercises

These are the part of 

KIDS YOGA Teacher Training Online Course  Click here

Rub your hands, Yoga clock song, Namaste song, are from 

'Come Play Yoga' by Karma Kids Yoga.

  You can listen and download the music.

Click here


Let's start Kids Yoga with energetic songs and movements!

Click the link and check it!

< Opening class>   

- Rub your hands   Click here

- Hello Song   Click here

< Warm-up >      

- Yoga Clock song    Click here

- Open Shut Them    Click here

- Wind the bobbin up    Click here

- Head shoulders knees and toes

- If you're happy

< Closing class >   

- Namaste song  Click here

< Transportation pose >  Check also Tranportation pose

- Row row row your boat   Click here

- The wheels on the bus    

< Food pose >  Check also  Food pose

- Banana Pose   Click here

<Songs for Yoga adventure>  

You can sing these songs in the Yoga Adventure Activity. Check also syllabus  17. Seasonal & Event lesson ideas   Click here

- Walking in the Jungle 

- Old MacDonalds had farm 

- Zoom, Zoom, Zoom we're going to the Moon 

- The bear went over the mountain

- A Sailor Went to Sea 

- Baby Shark

-  Five little monkeys

-  The Hokey Pokey

-  Eency Weency Spider


アンカー 1

Rub your hands - for Opening Song


Hello Song

Hello Song - for Opening Song

Yoga Clock - for Warm-up

アンカー 2

Namaste Song - for Closing Song

アンカー 3

Open Shut Them - for Warm-up

アンカー 4

Wind the bobbin up - for Warm-up

アンカー 5

Row row row your boat - for Transportation Pose

アンカー 6

Banana pose  and Song

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