Autumn Yoga


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★Lesson title★
Autumn Yoga

1. Yoga Poses 


Let’s explore the autumn!!

Look! There is a big maple tree. 

Leaves are changing colors and falling down.

【Maple leaf pose】
1. Stand straight.
2. Put your left (right) foot back widely.
3. Extend your arms to the side.

‘Autumn leaves are falling down’
by The Learning Station 
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A tiny something is hanging on a tree branch.

What’s that?

It’s a bagworm.

A bagworm is a moth larva. It makes a tiny cocoon with leaves and branches.

【Bagworm pose】
1. Stand straight.
2. Put the sole of your right (left) foot against the inside of your left (right) thigh.
3. Put your palms together above your head.



What’s that spiky animal??

It’s a hedgehog. 

Hedgehogs prepare for hibernation (winter sleep) in autumn.

They eat insects and nuts a lot before entering hibernation.

【Hedgehogs pose】
1. Kneel down.
2. Put the top of your head on the ground.
3. Interlock fingers behind.


I found a fan shaped yellow leaf!!

It’s a ginkgo leaf!

【Ginkgo leaf pose】
1. Kneel down.
2. Extend your right (left) leg to the side.
3. Place your left (right) hand on the ground.
4. Stretch your right (left) arm.



‘Hoot, hoot’

What’s that sound?

It’s owl’s sound.

You know, they can turn their heads around!

They have flexible necks!

【Owl pose】
1. Stand with your feet together. Turn your toes outward.
2. Bend your knees deeply.
3. Put your elbows on your knees.
4. Put your thumbs, index fingers and middle fingers of each hand together.
5. Turn your neck from side to side.
6. Say ‘Hoot, hoot’ like an owl.



What a beautiful wheat field!

It’s shining gold in the sun. 

【Wheat pose】
1. Sit with your legs extended.
2. Grab your right (left) foot and lift with your hands.
3. Straighten your back and legs.



It’s time to harvest sweet potatoes!

Let’s go sweet potato digging!

【Sweet potato pose】
1. Kneel down with your knees apart.
2. Put your bottom on the ground.
3. Slowly lower your upper body.
4. Stretch your arms above your head.



Look! There is a chestnut tree.

Chestnuts are covered with spiky shells.

【Chestnut pose】
1. Sit with your legs straight.
2. Place your soles together.
3. Put your hands under your feet. Hold them.
4. Put your feet in the air. Balance.
5. Move from side to side if possible.

Under the spreading chestnut tree
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Cosmos flowers are blooming.

There are light and deep pink, white and orange cosmos flowers! It’s colorful.

【Cosmos pose】
1. Put your knees down hip width apart.
2. Raise your hands parallel to the floor.
3. Bend your arms and put your elbows together.
4. Make a cosmos flower with your hands.


5. Song


Let’s blow autumn leaves!

【Falling leaves Breath】
1. Pick up autumn leaves.
2. Put the leaves on your palms.
3. Blow the leaves.
4. See how far they flew.

【Imagination version】
1. Imagine you have autumn leaves on your palms.
2. What color are these leaves?Red? Yellow? Brown? Green?
3. Blow the leaves.
4. Imagine leaves are falling down. How far did they fly?



Now it’s your turn!!

Let’s make your own Autumn Yoga poses!

- Corn 
- Apple, Apple Picking 
- Acorn
- Fox 

Have fun making yoga poses!