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Safari Yoga


Here are some ideas for 'Safari Yoga' lesson!
Be creative! Have fun with making lesson plan! We're adding new resources!! Check our instagram!!

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★Lesson title★
Safari Yoga - Let's explore Africa!

1. Yoga Poses 


Get on a Safari Truck, prepare your binoculars, let’s go on Safari!!

What can you see?

There is a huge lake and many birds are resting.

They’re flamingos! 

They have long and thin legs and pink wings.

【Flamingo pose】
1. Stand straight.
2. Put the sole of your left(right) foot inside of your thigh.
3. Extend your arms. Make flamingo’s head with your hands.



What are those striped animals?

They are zebras!

【Zebra pose】
1. Get down on your hands and knees.
2. Raise your right(left) leg backward.


What can you see?

Look! There are rhinoceroses! 

They have big horns!

【Rhinoceros pose】
1. Stand straight.
2. Step your left(right) foot back widely.
3. Bend your right(left) knee.
3. Put your right(left) forearm on your thigh.
4. Extend your left(right) arm.


Look! There is a family of giraffes! 

They have a long neck!

Let’s be a giraffe!

【Giraffe pose】
1. Stand straight.
2. Interlock your fingers above your head.
3. Walk without bending knees.
4. Bend forward. Pretend to eat grasses.



A hippopotamus is yawning. 

What a big mouth!

【Hippopotamus pose】
1. Kneel down.
2. Put your right(left) hand up, left(right) hand down.



Big trees are growing.

They are baobab trees.

They have thick trunks.

【Baobab pose】
1. Kneel down.
2. Support your waist with your hands.
3. Look back.



There are monkeys that have red nose and blue face!

They are mandrills!

They also have blue and red bottom!
How colorful they are!

【Mandrill pose】
1. Stand with your feet wide apart.
2. Bend forward.
3. Put your hands on the ground.



Meerkats are standing on their back legs!
So cute!

They’re basking in the sun. 

They look comfortable.

【Meerkat pose】
1. Stand straight.
2. Bend your knees slightly.
3. Put your hands near your chest. Bend your wrists forward.



What a big bird!

It’s an ostrich.

Ostriches can run very fast.

【Ostrich pose】
1. Stand straight.
2. Bend your knees deeply. Put your bottom on your heels.
3. Put your one hand on the other hand above your head. Make an ostrich’s head.
4. Walk with your toes.


2.Mindfulness Activities


We made our original Safari Mindfulness Coloring sheets!

You can download PDF for FREE! Enjoy coloring with kids!

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