KIDS YOGA Pose Dictionary

You can refer to these kids yoga poses! But you and kids can 'Create' your own pose as well! Poses don't have to be 'Correct'. 

Be Creative!



Animal Poses

Sea animal Poses

Bug poses

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< Sea Animal Poses >


Sit down. Soles together. Palms together above your head. Bend forward. 'Wow! you have a peal there! It's shiny, beautiful.'


Go to squat pose. (Bend knees deeply.) Make scissors. Walk sideways.


Put your hands and feet on the mat like downward facing dog pose, and feet up! Jump! like a dolphin. 



Father Fish  Lie down on your back. Palms on the ground. Put your hands under your bottom. Chest up. Be a fish, make bubbles! 

Mother Fish - Lie down on your stomach. Palms together. Legs together. Then swim like a fish!

Baby Fish- Palms together. Move hands like a fish.


Bottoms and hands on the ground. Feet together and move it. It's a mermaid tale. 


Sit down. Move hands and legs widely. Move your body slowly and quickly. 'Slow, slow,,,stop! Quick,quick,,,stop!' 'A big fish is coming! Let's shoot the black ink! Whoosh! The fish ran away! Well done!'.


Put your knees down on the mat. Walk by knees!


Put your knees down on the mat. Tuck your toes under. Put your hands up and down. Make waves with your hands.


Lie down on your stomach. Interlock your fingers behind your back. Head up. Look right and left. Looking for some food, some fish. We're so hungry!



Lie down on your back. Open your hands and feet widely. Make star with your body.

String ray   

Lie down on your stomach. Put your hands on your waist. Your arms are the string ray fins. Head up. Flap the arms.


Go to Child pose, walk slowly with lower legs. Your back is a turtle shell.


Lie down on your stomach. Heels together. Head up. Hands open widely. Your feet are the whale tale!




Let's make these poses by yourself!

・Jelly fish




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