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 KIDS YOGA Pose Dictionary

You can refer to these kids yoga poses! But you and kids can 'Create' your own pose as well! Poses don't have to be 'Correct'. 
Be Creative!

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Food Pose


< Food Poses > 

Check also Sweets Wonderland Yoga poses !!

Banana pose

Stand straight. Hands up, and palms together. Lean one side. Banana! Banana Song - Click here

Boiled Egg

Lie on your back. Hold your knees. Make your body 'Squeeze' and 'Roll'. 


Sit with your legs stretched. Raise your arms. Your forearms are 2 slices of bread. Put ingredients. Close the sandwich bending forward.

'Let's make a sandwich!

What would you like to put in a sandwich?

Egg? Ham? Sliced tomato?

Ok, put fried egg! sliced ham! 

Let's slice a tomato. Slice, slice,slice.

Let's close the sandwich. Then eat it up. '

Sushi Roll

Roll yourself with your mat. 'What kind of Sushi do you like? Tuna? Egg? Salmon roe?' Click here

Pizza -  Preparing


★ What is your favorite food? Let's make your own food poses!

Banana song

Banana song

Sushi Pose

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