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 1 minute Yoga Theory


Let's learn Yoga Theory just in 1 minute!

1. What is Yoga?                   Click here

- Taking notes worksheet 

2. The eight limbs of Yoga  Click here

3. What is Chakra?    Click here

- Taking notes worksheet

4. What is Mantra?    Click here

- Taking notes worksheet

5. What is Indian Philosophy?  Click here

- Taking notes worksheet

6. What is Pranayama?  Click here

7. Yoga Anatomy   Click here

8.English for teaching Yoga for Non-native speakers Click here  8


It's the part of 

KIDS YOGA Teacher Training Online Course.  Click here

Anchor 1


What is Yoga?

The eight limbs of Yoga

Anchor 2

What is Chakra?

Anchor 3
Anchor 4

What is Mantra?

What is Indian Philosophy?

Anchor 5
Anchor 6

What is Pranayama?

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