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 Pranayama for Kids


We're introducing Breathing practice for kids.


1. What is Pranayama?  Click here

2. Basic Yoga Breathing for kids  Click here 

3. Home Breath, Om Breath, Peace Breath Click here

4. Lion Breath  Click here

5. Rolling Tongue Breath  Click here

6. Smile Breath   Click here                  

7. Sun Breath       Click here

8. Flower Breath Click here

9. Bee Breath      Click here

10. Balloon Breath Click here

11. Bunny Breath   Click here

12. Birthday Cake Breath Click here


It's the part of 

KIDS YOGA Teacher Training Online Course.  

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1. What is Pranayama?

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2. Basic Yoga Breathing for kids

3. Home Breath, Om Breath, Peace Breath

Say 'Hooooooooooooome' 'Oooooooooom' 'Peeeeeeeeece'.

It's really easy to feel 'exhaling' for children. The word 'Om' is a sacred Sanskrit sound.


4. Lion Breath

Put your knees down, then put your bottoms on your heels. Put your hands down on the mat, look up, say 'Ahhhhhhhh' with your tongue out as much as possible.

5. Rolling Tongue Breath

Form a 'Tube' with your tongue. Inhale from the rolled tongue. Then Exhale from the rolled tongue. Make a sucking sound when you inhale. 

6. Smile Breath

Make a Smiley face, show your teeth. Inhale making a hissing sound. Then exhale making a hissing sound. 

7. Sun Breath ( from 4 years old)

1. Put your right hand on your nose.

2. Close your left nostril with your brother and sister fingers.

3. Inhale slowly from the right nostril.

4. Exhale completely from the right nostril.

5. Repeat several times.

This breathing practice is called 'Suria Bheda Pranayama'. Suria means Sun, Bheda means 'Pass through' in Sanskrit. The original version is to close both nostrils between '3' and '4'. We arranged it for children.

8. Flower Breath

Imagine that you have a flower. Smell the flower. Breathe in slowly. 'What does it smell like?' 'Sweet smell? Spicy? Fruity?'

9. Bee Breath

Put your index fingers or thumbs in your ears to close. Close your eyes if possible. Make a humming sound (Mmmmmm) or buzzing sound (Zzzzzzzzz).

10. Balloon Breath

Imagine that you're blowing up a balloon. 'Blow, blow, make a big balloon! Good job! It's really big!' 'A bird is coming! We got a hole in the balloon! The balloon is shrinking!' Exhale imaging that a balloon is losing the air.

11. Bunny Breath

Imagine that a bunny is sniffing a carrot. Inhale 2 times fast, then exhale completely.

12. Birthday Cake Breath

Imagine that you're blowing out birthday candles. 'It's our birthday today, let's blow out the birthday candles! Breathe in and out~! Happy Birthday!'

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