Picture Books and Cards


Picture Books and Cards are really useful

for Yoga Adventure Activity.

Kids like beautiful pictures!


Especially for small children aged 18 months to 3 years old,

sometimes they don't know some animals, so Picture Books and Cards are very helpful to recognize animals.

These books and cards are also very helpful

when you make a lesson plan.

When you ask 'What can you see?' to the children in the Yoga Adventure activity, you can show them a picture. 

If you don't find good picture cards for the lesson, you can also 'Make' your own picture cards. Download transparent background images from internet and laminate it!





< ACORN>  Picture book series  Click here (Book Depository)

- What Can You See in Spring?

- Animals at the... Zoo  

- Animals on the... Farm   

- Jungle Animals

- Sea Animals

< DK > My First series   Click here (Book Depository)

- Farms Picture Cards

< smart kids >   Click here (Book Depository)

- Space

When your Yoga Adventure Theme is 'Space Adventure' or something, we recommend to use for showing planets. 




















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