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 Let's make

a Lesson Curriculum!


Let's decide themes for each lesson.

Your kids yoga class looks attractive for parents and students.


1. Curriculum making sheet

2. Example of lesson themes

Lesson 1.  'Under the SEA' 

Lesson 2.  'Let's go to the Zoo'

Lesson 3.  'Let's go to Old MacDonals farm'

Lesson 4.  'Let's explore the Jungle!'

Lesson 5.  'Let's go to the North Pole'

Lesson 6.  'Let's go to the Beach'

Lesson 7.  'Let's go to the moon'

Lesson 8.  'Let's go mountain climbing'

<Event lesson>

'Spring Easter Yoga lesson'

Let's be the Easter bunny!  and explore a spring field.

'Trick or treat! Happy Halloween Yoga 2020'

Let's go to the 'Ghost Land'! and meet the scary witches!

'Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas Yoga' 

Let's go to Santa Claus Village! and meet Santa!

Check also syllabus  17. Seasonal & Event lesson ideas   Click here

It's the part of 

KIDS YOGA Teacher Training Online Course.  

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