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Let's open your kids yoga class!

After you complete KIDS YOGA Teacher Training,

let's conduct YOUR kids yoga class! 

1. Preparing for kids yoga class

- Check the environment in the classroom. Keep it safe.

- Prepare the lesson materials a lot just in case the class goes smoothly than expected. Bring one more storybook, some activity ideas.

- Avoid the lesson right after meal.  The lesson time should be after a few hours from meal time.

- Ask students to come wearing comfortable clothes.


2. During the class

- Take hydration time at least once.

- Don't do advanced yoga poses (inversion etc.) from first. Once children get used to yoga, and see the physical level, slowly try difficult poses. (For 5~6 years old)

-No pressure nor forces for children.

- Try to make the lesson 'Interactive'. Try not to be only 'Passive' lesson.

- Be flexible with the lesson flow and plan. Depending on children's mode and atmosphere, you can change the lesson flow and plan instantly.

3. After the class

- Ask children 'What was fun today?' after the lesson. Ask lesson reviews from children and parents.

- Communicate with children's parents. Tell them children's good points and participation in the class.



Have fun with the lesson! Good luck!


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