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Circus Yoga


Here are some ideas for 'Circus Yoga' lesson!
Be creative! Have fun with making lesson plan! We're adding new resources!! Check our instagram!!

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★Lesson title★
Circus Yoga

1. Yoga Poses 


There is a big tent. What’s that?

It’s a circus tent.
The circus has come to our town.

Let’s go! I’m so excited!

【Circus tent pose】
1.Stand with your feet wide apart.
2. Bend your knees.
3. Put your tips of the fingers together above your head.


The ringmaster said, 

‘Ladies and gentlemen! This is the moment you’ve waited for! It’s showtime!’

First of all,
A clown appeared ! 

He blew up a balloon.
He made a funny face. 
He looked so sad. 
He ran ,ran and ran…and fell down.
He made audience amused! 

【Clown pose】
1.Stand with your feet apart.
2. Put your right(left) leg behind.
3.Bend your right(left) knee. Put your toes up.
4. Pretend as if you were grabbing a balloon.


Hula hoop act has started.

‘She is spinning many hula hoops using waist, knees, torso, hips, neck and arms! It’s like a tornado ! So great! ‘

【Hula hoop act pose】
1.Stand straight.
2.Stretch out your arms as far as you can.
3.Raise one leg behind. Image you’re spinning many hula hoops!



Unicycle act has started.

He is climbing up and down the stairs.
He is cycling on the rope! So thrilling!
He started juggling balls.
He is juggling one ball,two balls,three balls and more and more! How can he do it?

【Unicycle pose】
1.Sit down with your knees bent.
2.Raise your feet.
3.Move your legs as if you were pedaling a unicycle. And Move your hands if you were juggling balls.


A Juggler is juggling many clubs.

【Juggling clubs pose】
1. Stand straight.
2. Bend forward deeply. Exhale.


‘The next performance is Flying Trapeze!’
The ring master said.

A trapeze artist hold onto the bar, then swang widely.

She jumped to the other swing, and rode on the bar with knees, released the hands.

‘She is so courageous.’’

【Flying Trapeze pose】
1.Put your knees down hip width apart.
2.Hold your waist with hands.
3.Bend backwards slowly.


A fire artist started swinging and turning sticks that are burning.

Then he put the fire in his mouth, and blew the fire. 

He is like a dragon! 

【Fire Breath】
1.Stand straight.
2.Step your right/left foot forward and left/right foot back.
3. Open your arms.
4. Breath in and out, imagine you’re blowing the fire.


Wow! What’s that big wheel?

It’s called ‘Wheel of Death’.

First of all, the performers walked inside the wheels to rotate it. Then, they stood on the top of the wheels and jumped!

He tripped! So dangerous.

【Wheel of Death pose】
1. Lie down.
2. Put your palms down on the ground. The wrists turn outward.
3. Bend your knees.
4. Lift your torso.


‘They’re soooo flexible!’

‘They’re contortionists.’

‘Their flexibility is like an octopus or squid! ‘

【Contortionist pose】
1. Lie down.
2. Raise your legs.
3. Lift your bottom.
4. Put your lower legs on the ground if possible.


Aerial silks performance started.

The performer wrapped her lower leg around the silk and climbed the silk.

Then she flew around in the air.

‘How beautiful!’

【Arial silks pose】
1. Stand straight.
2. Step your right(left) foot forward and left(right) foot back.
3. Bend the knee that is forward deeply.
4. Raise your hands.

2.Mindfulness Activities

We made our original Circus Mindfulness Coloring sheets!

You can download PDF for FREE! Enjoy coloring with kids!

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