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Mommy Amber

I’m a self-proclaimed mama-yogi of toddler twins and a fierce four-year-old, with a loving non-yogi husband who puts up with us. After having twins nearly two years ago, my days on the yoga mat were lost along with my commitment to self-care, all as a result of my own feelings of mom-guilt. I’m so happy to share that I have since been able to give myself a bit of grace and retaught myself that it can be done – even with a house full of tiny humans. The most beautiful and refreshing part, is that my wise four-year-old daughter taught me this lesson through her example.

After sneaking away for an hour twice a week to gift myself a moment of Zen, my daughter became increasingly curious about my yoga mat and what I was doing while away. She expressed her desire to learn about yoga and adopt yoga as an activity we could share. She has since made it a point to follow along with kid yoga videos on her own, and is truly enriched by the practice.

Especially during these unprecedented times, it has become more important to help my sweet little yogi connect with herself and find different outlets. Even at a young age, there is an incredible amount of pressure on children and their growing hearts, minds, and souls. This reality is what led me to introduce Laughter Yoga to her, as well as my toddler twins. Believe it or not, they enjoy it and can follow along, even if for minutes at a time.

My daughter has her own IG account where we plan to share her yoga story, so please follow!

@imharperskye is her ig handle

Laughter Yoga - Click here  (yoga journal)

Laughter Yoga sounds silly and, like many of the best things the universe gives us, it can be. But gifting oneself exercises that are designed to get you to laugh for absolutely no reason at all, carries great health benefits. And it’s fun!


This, combined with common yoga breathing techniques is the core of Laughter Yoga. The movements and breaths prepare your body for happiness and mindfulness! Beyond the obvious benefits (happiness, smiles, and, well - laughter), the health benefits can be life saving.


Especially to those who struggle from anxiety, depression, and other mountains in their backyard. Flowed and integrated with the laughter is stretching and yoga breathing techniques - deep diaphragmatic breathing and prolonged exhalation.


Hasya is the Sanskrit word for laughter, so you may hear it referred to as “Hasya Yoga.”

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